African Americans have always played an important roll in the building of this country. Since they
first arrived in the holes of slave ships. They have worked and died in the effort to build the riches,
most powerful nation on the face of this earth. America sets the standard by which all others are
judged, this would include aviation: The United States is number one. Because of the systematic
exclusion of African American pilots from the professional aviation community, the Bay Area Black
Pilots Association (BABPA) was formed.

A group of black pilots met on November 17, 1973, at Gnoss Field, located in Marin County. The
major goal of this group was to form a network of individuals whose interests and expertise could
be used to inform the black community, especially the youth, of the possibilities in aviation.

One of the first efforts of BABPA was to inform the community of the history of participation in all
areas of aviation by African Americans.  Armed with the knowledge that African Americans have
always been a major player in America's aviation history, our youth might be able to envision a
future career.

The Bay Area Black Pilots Association activities include:

Museum of Black Aviation
Career Day Seminars for Minority Youth
Media Appearances (informational)
Introduction to Aviation (Free plane rides)
Community Outreach
Networking with other African American Pilots.


Since that first meeting in 1973, the following individuals have headed the BABPA's efforts:

Fred Gray (Founder) 1973-79
Cathey Henry 1979-80
Willie Lowe 1980-1981
Ben Henderson 1981-88
Ozell Austin 1988-91
Julius Robinson 1991-93
Chuck Carter 1993-1994
Solomon Adio 1994-1996
Famous Limbrick 1996-1999
Ozell Austin 2000-2002
Eric Williams 2003-2005
David Cunningham 2005-2007
Darrell Edwards 2008-2009
Ben Henderson 2010-2011
Greg Scott 2012-Feb 2013
John Favors
March 2013-June 9, 2018
Larob Lee June 2018