The Simulator Story in
We are pleased to announce the Flight Simulator is working.  
After the efforts of many people we have a working flight
simulator and qualified insturctors.  We encourage you to come
down and work with an instructor to take the simulator for a flight.
The pictures below should help show what we have done.
Above is the Cirrus II FAA Certified Advanced Traning Device (ATD)
The start up screen
Pilot's Console Cessna 172
The time logged on this
simulator is time you may place
in the log book.  This time
qualifies for the type of Aircraft
we are simulating.  The different
single and twin engine modles.  
Our FAA issued authoration for
the flight training device has
specific details governing what
time you can use to qualify for a
lfight test.  If you exceed those
hours the time is still loggable.  
We can conduct IFR currency
checks on this simulator with no
limits of time